Privacy Policy

Date of enactment: February 5, 2021
Last revised: September 28, 2022


Privacy Policy

By using Neo Buddhism (hereinafter referred to as “this site”), you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Collection of Personal Information

On this site, users can freely browse various contents anonymously. Users may be asked to disclose personal information such as their name and e-mail address when making inquiries or comments. Such personal information will not be disclosed or shared by this site to third parties without the user’s permission.

Access analysis tools used by this site

This site uses Google Analytics, an access analysis tool provided by Google.
This Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data.
This traffic data is collected anonymously and does not personally identify you.
You can refuse the collection of this feature by disabling cookies, so please check your browser settings.
For more information on this policy, please click here.

Comments on this Site

In response to spam and vandalism, we record the IP address used when commenting on this site.
This is a standard feature supported by the blog, and we do not use IP addresses for any other purpose than to respond to spam and vandalism.
The input of email addresses and URLs is optional.
Please note that all comments are subject to prior review and approval by the administrator.
In addition, the administrator reserves the right to reject or delete comments that include any of the following

  • Communications or business information from this site or answers to questions
  • Requests or mediations for prohibited items or acts prohibited by law, such as requests for transactions of prohibited items or acts that may harm others.
  • Other items that are deemed offensive to public order and morals or that should not be approved by the manager.

About advertising

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