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About Neo Buddhism

Although Neo Buddhism is based on the Buddhist spirit, it is not limited to so-called “Buddhism”. The eternal truth that pervades the universe is called “Buddha Dharma”.

We aim to update the Buddha Dharma as a Dharma that can be adapted to the new age (earth age and space age) and to dialectically synthesize the world’s major thoughts, religions, spiritualities, and philosophies.

Through dialectical synthesis, we believe that each thought, religion, spirituality, and philosophy can maintain the essence of its individuality and work together in a form of “friendly competition,” rather than conflict. In other words, “Absolutely Contradictory Self-Identity” on a global level.

In a word, “spiritual phenomenology for a new age that synthesizes various religions, philosophies, and ideas,” this is Neo Buddhism.


This is a community for those who sympathize with the philosophy of Neo Buddhism. Anyone who sympathizes with the philosophy of Neo Buddhism can participate.


E-mail session (one week) with Syou Takada, the representative of Neo Buddhism. Actually from the perspective of Neo Buddhism, I will give advice on various problems in your life.


In this section, you will find Neo Buddhism recommended books from a different perspective than the books mentioned in the article.

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This is an e-mail magazine where you can learn how to become a bodhisattva. Wouldn’t you like to aim for “permanent, lasting” self-fulfillment?
You can learn the specific method to actually become a “Bodhisattva”.