Examining Suicide from a Spiritual Perspective – Suicide does not make you happy

自殺 スピリチュアル

In Japan, according to statistics, more than 30,000 people commit suicide each year, which is already a war-level death toll. This is a situation that could be called a “mental civil war.

In addition, after 2020, the number of suicides is expected to further increase due to the pandemic of new coronavirus infections.

Also, for some time now, there has been a string of celebrity suicides in Japan, and the number of chain-reaction suicides among the general public seems to be increasing.

Suicide is forbidden in some religions, such as Christianity, but they are not able to go into the aspects of the afterlife.

Therefore, in this issue, I would like to explain why suicide is wrong and what happens to suicide victims after death from a truth-spiritual perspective.

If you are going through various trials right now, I hope you will read this article to the end.


Suicide is contrary to the very meaning and mission of life

First, let me state the most basic first.

The reason why suicide is wrong is that it is contrary to the “meaning and mission of life,” the very purpose of human existence.

This is the most basic spiritual consideration of suicide.

By nature, human beings are not inhabitants of this world (the phenomenal world/the present world), but the other world (the real world/the world to come) is their home.

In the real world, life exists as energy itself, so people who are in tune with the vibration of their own energy live in the same world.

*Neo Buddhism calls this the “vibration energy theory.

vibration energy theory

For example, if you are a kind-hearted person, kind-hearted people gather together to form one world. This is what we call “heaven. The reverse is also true.

However, when people get together with others who are similar to them, they get bored and gradually begin to wonder if there isn’t a newer world out there.

The time when we feel this way is precisely when we are born on earth.

When we are born on earth, we are all clothed in physical bodies, so it is possible for people whose vibrations (wavelengths) are not in sync with each other to meet each other.

In this way, for better or worse, we get to meet people we would never meet in the real world. This is the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, experience, and intelligence. This is the meaning of life.

In a slightly old-fashioned way, we can say that we are born for the sake of soul training. Or we could say, “for spiritual evolution and spiritual improvement.

We are also expected to participate in bringing this phenomenal world (the earthly world) as close to an ideal society as possible, according to our own abilities. This is truly the mission of life.

With this meaning of life and mission, we are born on earth with a life plan before we are born.

The reason why killing people is wrong is, first of all, because it interferes with both the meaning and mission of life.

Whether it is you (suicide) or someone else (other murder), it is the same thing.

As noted above, the meaning of life lies in the cultivation of the soul, which can be summed up in one word: the acquisition of wisdom.

On the other hand, our mission in life is to contribute to the construction of an ideal society. This can be summed up in one word: the practice of compassion.

This wisdom and compassion are also the two main principles upon which the universe as a whole survives. Of course, human beings are also included in this “universe.

In this way, to commit either suicide or other murder is a denial of the two great principles of the universe, “wisdom and compassion,” and leads to a denial of the very foundation and identity of life itself.

In summary, the following situations actually occur in homicide, including suicide

  • The aspect of wisdom: to obstruct or abandon the opportunity for spiritual evolution
  • The aspect of compassion: giving up or abandoning the opportunity to build an ideal society

In particular, since people (or rather, all beings) live in “relationships,” both suicides and homicides cause grief not only to the victims themselves, but also to their families, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, friends, and many others.

This is the opposite of the ” mission of life” of “compassion” mentioned earlier, isn’t it?

To learn more about this meaning of life and mission, please read the following article.

*Reference article: Meaning and Mission of Life – What is the Most Winning Theory of Success?

Death is not “salvation” – What happens after death if one commits suicide?

People may be dead, but they’re not “dead.”

Now, let us talk specifically about what happens after death if you commit suicide.

When you commit suicide, you are saying that you are in a very difficult situation and want to escape from it.

Then, if by committing suicide, one can escape from the pain of the current situation, the fact is quite the opposite.

This is because, as I mentioned earlier, human beings do not exist only in this world (the phenomenal world), but rather are residents of the other world (the reality world).

Simply put, even though we die, we are not really dead. Death is merely the shedding of the body, but the mind or soul, which is one’s essence, continues to exist.

Even if one commits suicide thinking that one can escape suffering if one’s existence disappears, one cannot escape suffering because one’s existence does not disappear.

Suicides cannot return straight to heaven

In the first place, you can see that the very mindset of trying to commit suicide is not heavenly.

Earlier, I mentioned that since human beings are essentially only energy beings, in the afterlife, those who emit similar vibrations synchronize and gather together to create a specific “world.

That means that people who contemplate suicide are creating a “world” by gathering together people who are also contemplating suicide and who are in despair about their lives.

contemplating suicide

You can see that this is not a heavenly world.

It is not a penalty for suicide, but the effect is that they kill themselves and make the situation worse.

Most suicides are “residual haunting” spirits

When I said “not heavenly,” I meant to go further and say that the suicidal person is faced with a situation that does not allow for a smooth journey to the afterlife itself.

The afterlife is a world where “mind is everything” and “perception is everything.

If you commit suicide, it means that you believe that if you die, you will be all gone, and that there is no such thing as the afterlife.

The fact that you think that way means that the world is unfolding as you think it is.

That is, the suicidal person will not even travel to the afterlife, but will roam this world as a spirit.

No, it is still better if they can roam, and most suicides end up staying in the place where they committed suicide.

This is what is called a residual haunting.

When you hear the words “residual haunting,” you might think it is a summer horror story or something, but they themselves become the residual haunting.

Further to the course of ” possessing spirits”

And then there is the next step.

Suppose a person with similar problems and sufferings happens to pass by the place where the suicide took place.

Then, the laws of the aforementioned “vibration energy theory” would come into play, and the person would become attached to that person. It is as if a spirit body is overlapping with the person.

The suicidal person has become what is called a ” possessing spirit.

And in some cases, the possessed person’s troubles and sufferings are doubly amplified (even to the extent of the suicidal person), and he or she may even commit suicide in that place.

This is, in fact, the cause of the occurrence of “suicide spots.

There, the possessed person who commits suicide becomes a possessing spirit again, possessing the next person and making them commit suicide again…a negative loop is taking place.

suicide spots

Thus, becoming a possessing spirit and creating more suicides is exactly the same as committing “assisted suicide” (in legal terms), isn’t it? This is because it is truly “seduction.

Then, in fact, suicide often leads to the effects of spiritual sin rather than other murders, even the sin of assisted suicide.

The situation would then be such that it would be far from a return to heaven.

Salvation is hard to come by for suicides

Also, in terms of vibration energy theory, suicides live together with other suicides, which makes it difficult to get out of them.

In this world, since we have physical bodies, it is possible to meet people of different vibrations from ourselves, people who can afford to be considerate of others and who have the power to comfort us.

This means that there are many opportunities to break free from worries and sufferings, but once the fetters of the body are gone, there are no such opportunities at all.

In rare cases, someone who is aware of the situation (spiritually) may perform an “exorcism” or something similar, but in today’s world, neither priests nor monks know much of the truth, so such “exorcisms” do not work very well.

Perhaps you are reading this now, and I would even go so far as to say that you have already gained the power to “exorcise” them.

This is because we are now learning about the chain of cause and effect in suicide and the circumstances it brings about.

In short, while one might think that committing suicide will free one from suffering, in fact, it has the exact opposite effect, and even more suffering awaits one in the next life.

So, after all, no matter how much mental fallout there is, suicide should still be discouraged. It is not worth it.

If spiritual counselors and religious people are to communicate to suicidal people as spiritual care, they need to make sure that they communicate what I have said so far.

Salvation will come someday

However, it does not necessarily mean that the above suicide loop will continue forever.

This is because people are “animals that get bored.

When you become a residual haunting and repeat the same thing endlessly, there comes a moment when you gradually get “fed up” with it.

At such a time, it is an opportunity for the rescuer, and angels (bodhisattvas) or guardian spirits may come to him, persuade him prolixly, and invite him to the other world.


And if he accepts that persuasion, he will “change his vibration” at that moment so that he will be able to get out of that world.

However, if he or she has committed a number of crimes, including assisted suicide, even if he or she goes to the other world, he or she will not go straight to heaven, but will have to continue to reflect on his or her actions in a certain “training camp”.

However, it is fair to say that once you get to this stage, salvation is almost there.

Well, at the end of the story, I wrote a hope that “salvation will come someday,” but considering the journey to get there, suicide is still not worth it.

After all, it is better to think that suicide will amplify your worries and suffering even more.

This site (Neo Buddhism) contains numerous truths and eternal truths that will help you shatter the worries and sufferings of life and live a more positive life.

Please take this opportunity to read through the articles, starting with the reference articles mentioned above.

There you will encounter many hints and truths for living.

And after you have studied more and more, please be on the “saving side” rather than the “saved side. Please take this as a good opportunity to become an angel (bodhisattva).

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