Lemurian Memories – Why It’s Impossible to Remember

レムリア 診断

Recently, healing based on the Lemurian civilization (Lemurian healing) seems to be in vogue, following Atlantis and Mu.

The Lemurian civilization is said to have a close relationship with the modern Japanese people.

It is also said that souls who were born in Lemuria in past lives have a special mission as “Indigo Children.

However, I think it is more likely that the legendary civilization or continent named “Lemuria” probably did not exist even in ancient times.


How did the Lemurian civilization and the Lemurian continent become famous?

Lemuria” named after the distribution of lemurs

It is interesting to examine where the name “Lemuria” originally came from.

There is a monkey called “Lemur” on the African island of Madagascar.


However, fossils of Lemur have been found in the Indian Ocean all the way to Southeast Asia.

So, a British zoologist named Philip Rattray Slater proposed the academic analogy that a huge continent and civilization may have existed before 50 million years ago.

In short, the name Lemuria is a scientific name coined after the 19th century, based on the name of an ape called Lemur.

Later, in the 20th century, the existence of the Lemurian continent theory was questioned by academics as it would be inconsistent with the “continental drift” theory.

Anyway, if there was a super-ancient civilization in the Indian Ocean, it was probably not called “Lemurian civilization” but by another name.

*By the way, there is a theory in spiritual circles that the Lemurian continent was on the Pacific Ocean, which makes the name “Lemuria” even more strange.

That is why I would like to ask spiritualists who claim to be able to diagnose past lives to see if they are Lemurian or not, or to perform Lemurian healing, “So, what is the real name of the Lemurian continent/civilization?”.

They should at least know the names of the civilizations/continents if they are good enough to make a diagnosis.

So, if you suspect them, you might ask: “What was the actual name of Lemuria?

Lemuria” became famous with a reference from Theosophy

Furthermore, the existence of this super-ancient civilization became all the more famous when Madame Blavatsky of Theosophy mentioned the existence of the Lemurian civilization in her main book, The Secret Doctrine.

The Secret Doctrine

I am not going to deny the existence of such an ancient civilization off the top of my head, and I too believe that the Atlantis continent and Atlantian civilization that Plato also mentions in his writings probably existed.

I also have an analogy that a civilization or continent corresponding to the civilization we now call “Lemuria” may have existed, albeit under a different name.

Even in a great civilization, if the thoughts and actions of the people living there are too far from the heart of God and Buddha, they will be warned first by earthquakes, tsunamis, epidemics, etc., and if they still do not change, “the whole continent will sink.

It is a kind of law of action-reaction.

Why belief in a super-ancient civilization doesn’t make much sense

I don’t think the belief in a super-ancient civilization makes much sense in the first place. Let me list the reasons why.

Reason #1: The spirit world of super-ancient civilizations no longer exists

In Buddhism, there is a saying that “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form,” which can be explained in various ways, but the simplest explanation is that the energy of this world and the other world circulate.

Form is emptiness

*This is a rather “heretical” explanation from a Buddhist perspective, but when you get down to it, Neo Buddhism’s position is that this is the way it is thought of.

When spiritual power gathers, it can manifest itself in the earthly world, and conversely, there are cases in which earthly events affect the spiritual world.

Since this means that power/energy is converted across dimensions, it is also consistent with the “law of conservation of energy,” which states that the total amount of power/energy is constant.

According to the law of conservation of energy, if civilization ceases to exist in this world, the corresponding spirit world will also cease to exist.

As far as I see it spiritually, such spirit people of super-ancient civilizations (since the corresponding spirit world has disappeared) are supposed to be born again and again on earth and become gods of a new sphere of civilization again.

However, if they are quite senior deities (Buddhist class), there are probably cases where they still have the consciousness of a very ancient civilization.

However, for spiritual ranks up to the bodhisattva (angel) class, as they repeat reincarnation on earth, their memories are overwritten and they cannot keep up with the consciousness of such higher deities, and they must be working under the deities of the new civilization.

Then, since there will be “no subordinates,” even those senior deities (nyorai) will decide that it is better to lead many people with the individuality of the new civilization, and that they dare not use much of the consciousness of the ancient civilization.

Reason #2: The individual’s soul memory is overwritten

If you are a soul of the normal human (human realm) to angel (bodhisattva realm) class, you are reborn on earth once every few hundred years.

It is not all of a person’s soul energy that is reincarnated on earth, but only a part of it, and as one repeats reincarnation after reincarnation, the soul memory is overwritten.

Alternatively, the memories engraved in the soul will also be stored in the back recesses of the unconscious/subconscious.


If you have considerable psychic ability, it may not be impossible to read deep into the overwritten memories.

However, there is a point of view as to whether it is necessary to go that far back in history and memory in the first place.

Since the tendencies and habits of the mind are more influenced by the most recent reincarnation, it is better to read the memories of the last several hundred years of reincarnation to get better information for psychic reading of the soul’s karma and so on.

Therefore, even if we look at the history of souls going back more than 10,000 years (I don’t think there are many people who can see into the very ancient times to begin with…), it would be a lot of work and not much fruit.

I think that most people who talk about Atlantis are somehow missing the most recent reincarnation (last few hundred to thousand years), which is still in the “hobby” area and probably not psychic ability.

Or it might be possible that even if you are being guided by a spirit person, that spirit person is calling himself an “Atlantean” in some dialectic.

*In this case, I think it is a kind of dialectic to shatter materialism.

Those with truly high spiritual rank tend to choose “truth” over “witchcraft

But I think it is usually due to the spiritualist’s messiah complex. And the spiritualists who are teaching are also usually considered to be inhabitants of the magical world rather than real Lemurians.

In any case, Lemuria, Atlantis, Mu, Avalon (Avalon)…etc. have a romantic aspect, and I think that interest in such super-ancient civilizations can help awaken one to genuine spirituality.

However, we should be careful not to get too deep into it, or we will end up in another world (witchcraft spirituality).

After all, the motivation of those who are interested in Lemurian diagnosis, Lemurian healing, and the like, seems to be hobbyist or to reinforce their self-consciousness by saying that they may have had a connection to a very ancient civilization.

Truly spiritual people do not adopt such a direction.

To receive Lemurian healing or to hold a Lemurian seed is ultimately to be concerned with the peace and comfort of this life (love, friendship, relationships, self-realization, improving one’s fortune, etc.), and underlying this is an “ego-centric worldview” in which the human side seeks to influence the divine will.

Those who are truly high in spirituality and those who sincerely desire to truly increase their spirituality tend to choose a worldview of “divine reality-centered worldview,” in which they ask what they can do for the world and God, rather than “moving God according to human convenience.

This is the difference between truth spirituality and witchcraft spirituality, as we say on our website (Neo Buddhism).

  • Truth Spirituality: Divine reality-centered worldview = “What can I do for the world and God?”
  • Witchcraft spirituality: ego-centered worldview = “What can God (spiritual power in general) do for me?

These are fundamental differences.

Only witchcraft spirituality has the characteristic of wanting to talk about angels and goddesses, but witchcraft spirituality cannot become such beings as angels and goddesses, nor can it receive guidance from them.

This is because the type and height of vibration energy is different.

Some people talk about “ascension” or “the 5th dimension,” but ascension or dimensional ascension is not something that is done by an external mystical force or the power of the ages on its own.

Here, too, the “principle of independence” is at work, and ascension and dimensional ascension must first be done on an individual basis through self-help efforts on one’s own.

It is still witchcraft spirituality people, such as sorcerers and fortune tellers, who guide witchcraft spirituality people in the spirit world. Real angels and goddesses are not interested in such witchcraft.

External spiritual powers, be they Lemurian, Akashic Records, Dragon Gods, or many other things, even if these powers could advance our worldly fortunes, etc., they will eventually pass away.

The only thing that “can be carried over” through this world and the next is the proactive “acquisition of wisdom and practice of compassion” engraved in the soul.

Therefore, to live not for what is passing away, but for what will never pass away, for what is eternal, is spiritualism in the true sense of the word, and this is truth-spirituality.

I hope that this article will awaken as many people as possible to “truth spirituality” centered on divine reality, and that they will walk the path of spiritual evolution in the truest sense of the word.

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