The Difference Between Wallace and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution – Uncovering Darwin’s Mistakes and the Truth about Evolution

ダーウィン ウォレス 進化論 , The Difference Between Wallace and Darwin's Theory of Evolution

When it comes to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, there is a sense in which it has become almost completely the default.

Darwin’s theory of evolution has influenced not only the field of biology, but also science in general, sociology, psychology, history… and beyond academia to the public’s way of thinking.

It’s also a very troublesome substitute for religions, especially those that believe in God’s creationism (such as Semitic monotheism).

Especially since the 20th century, Darwin’s theory of evolution has exerted a tremendous influence, along with Marx’s materialist view of history (Marxism).

*Marxism is ostensibly about to disappear, but it has been revived in places in the guise of Thomas Piketty and others, and its materialist influence is still strong.

Conclusively, however, Darwin’s theory of evolution is wrong in its essence, if not in all of it.

Then there is the fact that Darwin plagiarized the theory of evolution discovered by Alfred Russel Wallace.

In this paper, I will examine the evolutionary theories of Darwin and Wallace, while also examining the truth of evolution itself from a spiritual dimension.


Darwin plagiarized Wallace’s discovery of evolution

Discovery of the “law of bifurcation”

Wallace (Alfred Russel Wallace) was an Englishman about 20 years younger than Darwin.

Around the age of 25, Wallace went deep into the Amazon in Brazil to explore the flora and fauna. So he discovered thousands of new species and returned to England.

Furthermore, around the age of 30, he traveled alone to the Malay Archipelago to collect.

Wallace noticed a drastic change in the flora and fauna at a place called Lombok Island, and discovered a line that says “Asian from here” and “Australian from here. This line is known as the “Wallace Line.

He then went to a place called Sarawak (now Brunei).

There, Wallace makes a significant discovery.

That is, the fact that “every species is extremely similar to the species before it and always exists at the same time.

He discovered this and sent it to Darwin, his esteemed senior, in a paper.

This discovery by Wallace surprised Darwin because it was a perspective that Darwin had been unaware of for more than two decades of his foraging life.

What Wallace’s findings ultimately mean is the following.

From one species comes a mutation. And from that variant, another variant is created. …The hypothesis is that if this process is repeated over and over again, it will eventually lead to another species.

This is now called the “law of divergence” in biology, and Wallace was the first to discover it.

Discovery of the “principle of natural selection.”

Four more years later, Wallace went to an island called Teltena, where he contracted malaria.

There, in a fit of fever, he realized something.

The number of eggs laid by insects is enormous, but not all larvae that emerge from the eggs survive. Some are eaten, some survive.

This led Wallace to wonder if the survivors might have slightly better characteristics than those who did not survive.

This is the famous principle of “natural selection.

Wallace wrote another paper on it and sent it to Darwin. Darwin was again surprised.

Publication of Darwin’s “Origin of Species” and the “Linnean Society

Because of the above process, Darwin was very embarrassed.

Wallace, a junior, discovered an important law of biology that he himself had been doing for decades and had never noticed before. It, too, has already been published in a fine paper.

So Darwin hurriedly wrote his famous ” On the Origin of Species“.

On the Origin of Species

By the way, Darwin was in trouble, but Darwin’s friends also sympathized with Darwin and desperately wondered if they could somehow give Darwin priority in the theory of evolution.

So, going back a bit to ” On the Origin of Species,” the theory of evolution took the form of a joint presentation by Darwin and Wallace at the “Linnean Society” in 1858.

But in 1980, a journalist named Blackman discovered the Linnean Society’s trick.

So Blackman reviewed the minutes of the Linnean Society meeting. There he notices something important.

As I mentioned earlier, the Linnean Society was a joint presentation by Darwin and Wallace, but in reality, Darwin only presented a little bit of his own research.

In contrast, the fact is that Wallace’s presentation was a perfect paper.

He also noticed the fact that all of the letters that Darwin and Wallace exchanged during the period before and after that Linnean conference had disappeared.

It is said that these letters were probably disposed of by Darwin’s son, Sir Francis Darwin, rather than Darwin.

The man also seems to have made a lot of revisions to the autobiography Darwin wrote.

As a son, he wanted to give primacy to his own father in the discovery of the “theory of evolution”.

However, the minutes of the Linnean Society cannot indeed be erased, so this has remained.

Blackman discovered such a process and wrote the book “A Delicate Arrangement.

A Delicate Arrangement

By the way, Wallace was completely unaware of these disturbances.

He was so good-natured that when he received “The Origin of Species” from Darwin, he was overjoyed that “Dr. Darwin and myself agreed!

Wallace’s discussion of “savages”

By the way, living on the island of Malaya, surrounded by what were then called “savages,” Wallace noticed something strange.

For example, despite being in a place where there were no police and no crime, Wallace was able to live a safe life, and the locals never cheated in their business.

So Wallace’s insight was that these ” savages” may not be morally inferior to civilized people.

In fact, this insight was something that Darwin was about to realize, and he seems to have mentioned it in “The Voyage of the Beagle“.

The Voyage of the Beagle

In particular, Wallace’s writing does not seem to contain any derogatory expressions or ideas about ” savages,” which was unusual for the time.

In that sense, if “Wallace was the inventor of the theory of evolution” instead of Darwin, there might not have been the eugenic philosophy later used by Nazi Germany and others.

Imperialism, colonialism, etc. by Westerners in the modern era were probably based, more or less, on the arrogant idea that “we are indoctrinating the barbarians”.

Wallace and Spiritualism

The “Origin of Species” came out in 1858, but four years later, in 1962, Wallace returned to England.

There, Wallace begins to have strange experiences.

It was “spiritualism” that was popular in London at the time.

Wallace’s curiosity led him to visit several places where psychic phenomena were taking place, and he eventually became convinced that they could not be bogus and that psychic phenomena did indeed exist. He also wrote about them.

This “commitment to spiritualism” may be one of the reasons why, even today, Wallace is not the primary contributor to the theory of evolution, despite Blackman’s writings and others.

Wallace’s “two-step theory of evolution.”

Because of this belief in psychic phenomena and occultism, Wallace began to realize that there are aspects of human nature that cannot be explained by the theory of evolutionary “natural selection.

As for humans, the evolution of the body stopped early and physical evolution is over.

As for natural selection, he thought that it was done because of “developmental necessity” and that the human brain and language were too far removed from such necessity.

To be clear, the only explanation for human beings is that they received immortal spirits from GOD, and Wallace adopted the “theory of spiritual evolution” for human beings.

In this regard, I am sorry to say that if “Wallace’s theory of evolution” had become mainstream instead of Darwin’s, the subsequent domination of materialism would have been much less severe.

From Materialistic Evolution to Spiritual Evolution

Now that I have written at length about Wallace, I would like to discuss evolutionary theory, including insights from the spiritual dimension.

The “law of bifurcation” and “natural selection” are actually preceded by a spiritual dimension.

The conclusion is as shown in this heading.

The “law of bifurcation” and “natural selection” theories discovered by Wallace are true, but in reality, it is necessary to include the spiritual dimension.

What I mean by this is as follows.

The “will” to better adapt to a certain environment gradually changes its form and function, but the “will” is not material in the first place, but belongs to the spiritual realm, the spiritual dimension.

In the phenomenal world (this world), humans and all living things are clothed in physical bodies (forms), but in the spiritual dimension, they are equipped with multiple spiritual bodies.

The many-layered spiritual body gradually becomes purer and purer as one’s spiritual rank increases, and finally becomes congruent with the divine life itself. The true self (i.e., nakedness) is finally revealed as one removes one’s garments one by one.

For more information on the relationship between spiritual rank and the spiritual body, see the following article.

*Reference article. Spiritual Ranking System – How to Increase Your Spiritual Rank

To borrow a term from Theosophy, the spiritual body called the “etheric body” appears when the physical body is removed.

The etheric body serves as the link between the higher spiritual body and the physical body. In human cases, the etheric body is the “blueprint,” so to speak, for the functions of the organs and brain.

When environmental changes occur in the phenomenal world, the will to “adapt better” is emitted.

This intention is first responded to by the etheric body, and then changes are brought about in the various organs within the etheric body.

Then, the changes in the etheric body are gradually reflected in the physical body. This is, in fact, the true order of “evolution.

Thus, the important point is the truth that in evolution, the spiritual dimension comes first.

Principles of Adaptation and Creation

While we have already discussed above how individuals adapt to their environment, the birth of a “new species” may actually follow other paths.

One of these is what the Bible calls “creation by God.

If you are uncomfortable with the word “God,” the point is that it is a “higher divine reality.

There are various stages of actuality, starting with the phenomenal world below, moving into the spiritual dimension, and gradually approaching the “ultimate spiritual reality.

Therefore, creation is not necessarily done by a “supreme deity,” as religions call it, but is often done by various divine beings in the stages prior to the supreme deity.

Just as the Bible says that when a divine being said, “Let there be light,” light appeared, so when the will “Let there be such a being” is uttered, a new species is created.

Of course, this creation also takes place first in the spiritual dimension, which is reflected in the phenomenal world (this world) in the next stage.

As for the rest…it is beyond me to talk about the universe, but I will venture to say a few words. Please accept this as a hypothesis (but I think it is probably true).

The point is that there are organisms migrating to Earth from various planets.

For example, let’s say you have a rabbit-shaped alien. On the outside, it is what we would call a rabbit on Earth, but inside it is highly intelligent life.

However, if they are to immigrate to Earth, it would be strange for them to be in the form of a rabbit, so they will inhabit an Earth humanoid body.

At that time, the “rabbit” part of the etheric body is left behind in the spirit world, and that “rabbit etheric body,” so to speak, is sometimes borrowed by the original spirit organism on earth.

Then, the “rabbit” as an animal we see in the phenomenal world is born.

Summary of Evolutionary Theory of Truth

Thus, the theory of evolution cannot really be understood unless we actually include the spiritual dimension in our consideration.

The level of modern science has simply not yet reached the level of a scalpel to elucidate the spiritual dimension.

As science continues to make more progress than it is now, there will eventually come a time when we will plunge into the exploration of the spiritual dimension.

It is impossible for aliens to fly to the earth from a planet tens of thousands of light years away only by using the three-dimensional (phenomenal world) principle of length, width, and height, but in reality, they use another dimension, the time axis. This is what is called “warp.

Warping takes place in the spiritual dimension.

Therefore, the time will come when the science of the earth will eventually plunge into the exploration of the spiritual dimension. Only then will we be able to enter the full-fledged space age.

I’m afraid we’ve gotten too far into this conversation… The conclusion is that the true theory of evolution is the following three ways.

  1. An organism as an individual changes its etheric body to adapt to its environment, which gradually appears in the phenomenal world and becomes a separate species (Law of Bifurcation).
  2. A new etheric body is created by the will of a higher divine entity, and it appears in the phenomenal world.
  3. A new species is born in the phenomenal world by borrowing the etheric body of an immigrating alien by an earth-derived creature.

In any case, it is important to take the viewpoint that evolutionary theory is not materialistic, but that the spiritual dimension precedes it.

The pattern in 2. above is also consistent with the “creation by God” described in the Bible.

If we adopt this Neo Buddhism theory of evolution, we will be able to align evolutionary theory with Christian theology.

The conclusion is the above, but to return to Darwin and Wallace, in the end, not only was Wallace’s insight earlier, but it was the truer theory of evolution because it stepped into spiritualism.

Of course, there were periodic restrictions.

It may be difficult to accept the theory of evolution to the point of Neo Buddhism, but I would like to start by advocating that the true theory of evolution should be restarted by abandoning Darwin and adopting Wallace’s theory.

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