Truth Spiritual Diagnosis of LGBT – Heterosexuality is the Standard on Earth

同性愛 スピリチュアル

In recent years, public opinion seems to be moving in the direction of “recognizing diversity and achieving gender equality” with regard to so-called sexual minorities, known as LGBT or LGBTQ.

LGBTQ means the following, respectively

  • L: Lesbian
  • G: Gay
  • B: Bisexual
  • T: Transgender
  • Q: Queer or Questioning (a person who does not belong to a particular frame of reference)

In addition to LGBTQ, there seem to be a variety of other classifications, such as X-gender.

According to one survey, the percentage of Japanese who are LGBTQ ranges from 3% to 10% (the percentage varies from survey to survey).

Many people are aware that religions, especially world religions, which are the mainstay of spirituality, have negative statements about homosexuality.

For example, the Bible clearly states.

Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. (“1 Corinthians” 6:9-10) *Underlining by Takata.

But to be honest, I think that even world religions have not been able to come up with a coherent view on homosexuality and, by extension, LGBTQ issues.

So, in this issue, I would like to explore how LGBTQ is judged truth spiritually.


As for the practice of souls on earth, the principle of “men and women in pairs” is unwavering

To begin with the conclusion, the title of the item is true.

Today, the movement and public opinion are moving in the direction of “recognizing the diversity of sexuality,” but Neo Buddhism supports the opposite direction.

As one of the prophets of our time, I take it as my responsibility to say that this is what the Earth God has in mind regarding sexuality.

That is, as follows.

While discrimination, prejudice, and restrictions on human rights are not desirable, it is going too far to recognize LGBTQ as one of diversity or mainstream in terms of sexuality.

Earth God’s view is that the principles of soul practice on earth should not be swayed by “male-female pairs” and “heterosexuality is fundamental”.

Unless a change in policy is made in the future, these are the values that the earth has set for sexual and gender issues.

Contrary to current public opinion (as of 01/29/2022), some may think that this is an old-fashioned way of thinking.

However, if all public opinion were correct, the world would not be in disorder, and the fact that there is disorder in the world means that there are some mistakes in the mainstream or in opinions (public opinion) that are becoming mainstream.

Earth has its own “standards” for sexuality

It is beyond my scope to talk too much about the universe, but I will say one thing: the existence of life is not limited to the survival of the Earth, and there are nearly countless planets in the universe that nurture life.

Among them, of course, are numerous planets inhabited by highly developed human-type life, which we believe operate around their own primary values on each planet.

The term “individual values” does not mean that good and evil are all mixed up and completely relative to each other, but rather that even apparently unique values are somehow expressive of the will of a divine being in the universe.

In this sense, “male-female pairs” are not the default on every planet, and some planets have monosexual reproduction, while others allow for neutrality in addition to male and female, or even allow for free conversion between male, female, and neutral on the ground.

What is common, however, is that every planet operates according to its own values and rules.

In that sense, it naturally follows that the earth has its own “sex rules”. And the rule of sex on Earth is set on the basis of “male-female pairs.

So, if you are saying, “That’s so unfair!” then you should consider emigrating to another planet instead of Earth.

Conversely, the emergence of sexual preferences other than “male-female pairs” may indicate that the values of the planet prior to the migration to Earth remain in the soul’s memory.

However, even if that is the case, if we have chosen the earth as our current home, we should still follow the “rules of the community” that is the earth.

Of course, it is difficult to do so as a mental tendency, but that is an individual problem, and socially, it is too much to insist loudly that diverse genders be accepted as part of the mainstream.

On the nature of sex in the Real World

It is fair to say that sex is essentially about “the preservation of species on earth”.

In this sense, the reality that only male-female pairs can have children on the earth is proof of the above-mentioned “male-female pairs” as the standard for sex on the earth.

In the case of sex, the act of reproduction takes place on earth (this world). In this site (Neo Buddhism), the earthly world is called the “phenomenal world.

Then, you may be wondering what happens to issues of sex and gender in the afterlife, the world beyond this world. Regarding the afterlife, Neo Buddhism adopts the term ” real world.

Some may think that since there is no need for the preservation of species in the real world, there will be no reproductive acts and, by extension, no sex.

However, as I have said in several articles, in the context of “the individuality of a person in life survives in the real world after death,” a person who was male in life is still male in the real world. The reverse is also true.

And even in the spirit world, in the comparatively lower spirit world – the spirit world to which the average person returns – I assume that something like sexual intercourse is taking place, although it is sensual.

In a nutshell, the difference between the lower spiritual world and the higher spiritual world is “how much of the human (earthly) aspects remain.

In the lower spiritual realms, not only sexual life but also daily life itself, such as occupation, is still characterized as an extension of earthly life.

As one gets closer to the higher spiritual realms, there is a tendency for such “earthly smells,” or a sense of life, or human attributes, to fade away.

Our essence can also be defined as “a bundle of energy with a certain identity.

Around here, if you would like to know more about topics such as “What is the meaning and mission of life?” and “How is the real world?”, please read the following articles.

*Reference article: Meaning and Mission of Life – What is the Most Winning Theory of Success?

If the essence of human beings is an energy being, then as we move into the higher spiritual realms, that essence should blossom, right?

That is, human beings also become “energy bodies that are not bound by form.

If humans are changing to such a form of survival in the higher spiritual realms, you can see that it is also characterized by “no longer transcending differences such as gender.

It would make no sense at all to ask whether the top fundamental deity is “male or female.

However, I would venture to say that there are two attributes: masculine and feminine principles.

There may be many definitions, but in Neo Buddhism terms, I think they can be summarized as follows

  • Masculine principle: Wisdom
  • Feminine principle: Compassion

What are the spiritual factors of someone who is LGBTQ?

Many of you may be wondering why you were born LGBTQ.

Therefore, in this section, I would like to explore the spiritual factors of being LGBTQ.

Planet of origin defaulted to either LGBTQ gender/sexual preference

This has already been discussed above.

Some planets are monogamous, with no gender distinction. In that case, the form of love would be “homosexuality. In this case, there is no “heterosexuality.

As a variant of this system, some planets may have a “neutral” human species. It is a gender that has both male and female characteristics.

In a pattern where three ways are allowed: male, female, and neutral, it is likely to be a very difficult spiritual practice.

This is because having three different genders makes romantic relationships more complicated.

If the soul’s practice on one planet becomes “it’s time to graduate,” the next step is to consider moving to another planet.

I assume that the Earth has a history of accepting “immigrants” from various planets, not only souls of terrestrial origin. In modern times, it would be like the United States of America.

In this pattern of immigration, even though one is born on earth in a physical body, the values of one’s previous life, or the planet on which one lived immediately before, are ingrained in one’s soul.

Then, for example, if you are a soul from a monosexual planet, you are not at all familiar with heterosexual love as a form of love.

Such a habit of the soul has affected our life on earth.

If the planet of origin allows for “neutrality”, then on Earth you may be a “bisexual” soul, or even go in a transgender direction.

Thus, it is likely that there is a pattern of “pulling back on values in sex on the pre-migration planet”.

Problem of possession

It is unfortunate, but even when we live in this world, we can be possessed if we are transmitting similar vibrations of mind to the evil spirits in the other world.

It is only “similar mental vibrations” that cause possession, so it is possible to be possessed by an evil spirit of the opposite sex.

Mild possession is still fine, but when approaching the level of severe possession that eats into the soul, the person will be affected by the gender identity and sexual orientation of the possessing spirit of the opposite sex.

In this way, couples who are attracted to each other can be formed, even though they are of the same sex in this world.

They are under the influence of opposite-sex spirits, though, so you could say that they are “spiritually heterosexual.

However, in this case, it is better to deal with the evil spirits in a way that is more than just LGBTQ, because they will be affected by them in all aspects of life.

And in fact, LGBTQ people are most likely to be involved in this “possession”.

Homosexuality as a reaction to religious “celibacy” of the soul

Perhaps paradoxically, a surprising number of religious or philosophical souls tend to belong to the LGBTQ.

Many of the religions that have become mainstream in the last 2,500 years or so are rather strict in their precepts.

Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism, the three major religions in the world, all have some kind of precepts or commandments regarding sexuality.

Jesus Christ said harshly in the Bible, “Just because you think it, you have committed adultery.

But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. (Matthew 5:28)

In this context, most people would have committed the “sin of adultery”.

It seems to me, then, that these words are not so much “to judge the sin of adultery” as they are intended to say that “in God’s eyes, we are all sinners” and that “as long as we live in this world, we cannot escape from sin.

First of all, it is an invitation to move on to the next stage, after convincing the reader that it is impossible to escape from sin with an “ego-centered worldview.

The next step is an invitation to turn to a “God-centered worldview,” in which salvation is attained through the grace of God.

In the Japanese Pure Land tradition, this means that “all human beings are ordinary people. Therefore, the key to rebirth in paradise is only to beg for Amida Buddha’s true desire.

It is often said that Christianity and Pure Land Buddhism have a very similar logical structure of salvation.

Be that as it may, it is a matter of religious precepts. Shinran in the Jodo sect and Augustine in Christianity famously struggled with the issue of lust, and it is more or less a challenge for all religious practitioners, while it is also a stumbling block.

In this case, the religious precepts that focus on the issue of lust, in this case heterosexuality, are too strict, and this has led many religious people to turn to homosexuality.

If we look deeply into the issue of lust and sexuality, it does not really matter whether one is heterosexual or homosexual, but the essential point can be summarized as follows.

It is not that lust itself is bad. If it were denied, it would lead to the denial of the earthly world. Rather, the problem is that excessive lust and sexual desire can hurt others and neglect one’s true spiritual self.

In that sense, one could say that the religious trends of the last couple of thousand years have been too strict about lust and sexuality, but there are also aspects that are inherently out of essentialism.

Especially considering that the future trend is for many people to practice the truth in the secular world, rather than as professional monks, it would seem that a change to a precept that addresses the essence of the problem of lust would be appropriate for the future of civilization.

If the act of a married couple or a blessed couple confirming their love for each other is good or bad, I personally believe that we can go as far as to say that “if it leads to the realization of the Buddhist land, then sexual love is also something that is in accord with the will of God.

If sexual activity other than to have children is incompatible, then it is hard to understand why humans do not have a mating season, or why such a divine mechanism is not in place.

The issue of sexuality is a delicate one, but I think it would be better to interpret the scope of religious precepts more broadly in accordance with essentialism, compared to the religious trends of the last couple of thousand years or so.

In Plato’s “Symposium” the love of boys, the longing for physical beauty, and the gradual rise of love to the “Idea of Beauty” itself are logically developed.


As this book argues, if sexual love can flow in a utopian direction, as in “love for the idea of beauty itself,” using it as an intercept, then I think it is safe to say that it is still “overwhelmingly good.

In this sense, while saying that heterosexuality should be the mainstream, on the other hand, on an individual level, even homosexuality and LGBTQ love is a welcome form of love, as long as that form of love can lead to spiritual elevation and become the foundation of the Buddhist land.

But still, we should keep in mind that the will of the Earth God is that heterosexuality should be the mainstream and standard.

On earth, we learn to take on the role of either yin or yang (female or male)

Anyway, as mentioned above, in terms of “energy being the essence,” it can be said that human beings are also essentially “neither male nor female.

However, this is just a story of how things are done in the real world and the higher spiritual world, so on earth (the phenomenal world), the earthly rules still apply.

As I have said, the principle is that “men and women in pairs” should be used.

To put it philosophically, if the world (spirit) develops dialectically in the order of positive, negative, and congruence, then it is impossible to achieve positive and negative congruence on earth by oneself.

Perhaps this is where we learn that we cannot live alone, that we are beings who live by dependent arising.

Therefore, on earth, for example, for a neutral person to say, “I am a being that transcends both male and female,” at least on earth, would end up being a picture-perfect statement.

I have said a lot, but the conclusion is what I wrote at the beginning. I will quote it again.

While discrimination, prejudice, and restrictions on human rights are not desirable, it is going too far to recognize LGBTQ as one of diversity or mainstream in terms of sexuality.

The principles of soul practice on earth earth should not be swayed by “male-female pairs” and “heterosexuality is fundamental”.

This is the will of the Earth God.

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